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My car hates me

I feel like my car hates me because no matter what I replace, it provides yet another annoying problem which is rather expensive to repair. Latest problems? Oil leak and idler pulley squeak. As always, the leak is not straight … Continue reading

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Automobile Magazine

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CCV done

After hours and hours of hard work finally I took out my CCV and put in the new one. It did not want to come out nicely so I broke it off. DIY link:

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I can haz an M3?

Cool video, but I didn’t like the part when the dude shifted with paddles. A proper tranny would have been more appealing. Cool vid nonetheless.

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CCV set = $150.00

I have been suspecting that my CCV is leaking oil, so I ordered a new CCV with the surrounding hoses. With the parts weighing less than 1 lb, and only being made of plastic, you wonder if the parts are … Continue reading

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