CCV done

After hours and hours of hard work finally I took out my CCV and put in the new one. It did not want to come out nicely so I broke it off.

DIY link:

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I can haz an M3?

Cool video, but I didn’t like the part when the dude shifted with paddles. A proper tranny would have been more appealing. Cool vid nonetheless.

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CCV set = $150.00

I have been suspecting that my CCV is leaking oil, so I ordered a new CCV with the surrounding hoses. With the parts weighing less than 1 lb, and only being made of plastic, you wonder if the parts are really worth $150.00.

I purchased the parts from because the shipping was “free.”

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BMW M3 GTS is out.

The enthusiast world is buzzing about the new M3 GTS (CSL) which weighs about 3285 lbs compared to 3700lb stock.

Here’s a video.

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Don’t rice your BMW

1. No need to over-badge your car. We know it’s a BMW.

2. No need for muscle-car stripes. Your car is not a muscle car.

3. Don’t put M6 wheels especially when that front bumper is so lame and it looks like the mouth of a whale.

More pictures here:

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Differeantial fuild.


The picture above shows the extracted differential fluid. It looks pitiful as it should, however the smell of this stuff is terrible, just awful. If you decide to do this DIY, I would like to add a few things to keep in mind.

1. Buy 2 quarts of gear oil as you will need more than one.

2. I would definitely wear nitrile gloves. I would also wear a mask. It has a horrible smell.

3. You can do this without putting the car on ramps, but you need to be agile and be able to work in small areas.

4. Careful when tightening and un-tightening the fill bolt, as there is not much space due to the rear sway bar.

Good luck.

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VANOS seals final verdict!

In Chemistry there is a way to know what the  trasition state of a reaction will look by analyzing  the phase diagramof the reaction. If the transition state is thermodynamic it will resemble the starting material, but if it is kinetic, it will resemble the product.

In the same manner, if you look at a car problem, if it is a big problem most likely it cannot be solved by a part which is inexpensive and small.  I had my doubt about the functionality of the Besian seals when I first saw them.  I doubted that a few simple seals could solve problems such as poor gas mileage, loss of low-end RPM power, and rough idling.

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